Dental emergencies can vary greatly in nature but all require care from a dentist. Some of the common types of dental emergencies are broken teeth and dental infections.

Broken Teeth

The treatment of fractured teeth depends on many factors but treatment options can include filling, crown, or extraction. Sometimes when a fracture exposes the nerve of a tooth, root canal therapy can be used to save the tooth.

Dental Infections

Generally, dental infections can refer to either teeth or gums. A tooth can become infected due to a cavity (dental caries), fracture, or trauma. Gum infections can be in the form of a periodontal abscess, which typically occurs as a complication of gum disease when food particles get trapped in the space between the tooth and gums. A gum infection can also be in the form of pericoronitis, which tends to occur around partially erupted teeth like impacted wisdom teeth. Treatment of gum infections may require debridement or extraction, and possibly also antibiotics. Symptoms of infections can be pain, swelling, fever, malaise,or vomiting.

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